The Team

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Hair of the Dog was established August 2008.

Being a passionate dog lover & animal owner throughout my entire life, I soon discovered that very few Pet Care Services offered the exemplary care & attention for pets, which I myself would expect & be content to leave my own beloved pet in the hands of.

We pride ourselves on understanding & believing that your pet is as important to you as every other member of your family & deserves to be treated as such.

Sassi Parsons - Owner

I currently own and run Hair of the Dog with my two best friends. They are two beautiful Golden Retrievers, Charlie, Portcia and my budgie Misfit who really suits his name.

I have been a qualified hairdresser for 24yrs and because of my love and passion for pooch's, I decided to adapt my craft and knowledge towards learning the grooming techniques of the canine.

For many years, I have attended various dog-training, obedience and agility classes. I have completed an Animal First Aid course & I have a great knowledge & understanding in animal behaviour. These facts influenced my decision to follow my dream, And so began Hair of the Dog.

Gina Southcombe - Head Carer of Cold blooded animals & Dog Walking Assistant
Gina has been a valued and very dedicate member of the team since Hair of the Dog began.

She assists in dog walks on a regular basis. She has also been a proud owner of many cold blooded animals, reptiles, snakes , rats etc for many years and has an outstanding knowledge of their needs and requirements , providing the best care for your pets whilst you are away.

She is CRB checked.
Charlie Parsons - Head of Security

Hi, I'm Charlie. I have been head of security at Hair of the Dog for quite a few months now. I really love my job and can not imagine any better way to spend my days & I consider myself a very lucky boy, having so many friends to play with. 

My current responsiblilities are peepost supervision, gate surveillance and lawn patrol. Portcia is my understudy and is doing very well. I really love our team and especially when new friends come to us for us to entertain.

Portcia Parsons - Chief Liaison Officer

I am Portcia Parsons, some pups describe me as a bit of a Diva but I think I am just a beautiful blonde bombshell. Dogs in the park have been known to stop dead and stare at my wonderful good looks.

Don't get me wrong I love a good roll around in the mud but I am a lucky lady to have a Salon at my disposal where my mummy soon makes me look even more beautiful than I already am.

My dutys are to ensure all pups are happy and I sometimes use my lovely blonde tail as a form of entainment which goes down well with the smaller dogs.

Misfit Parsons - Entertainment Manager
My name is Misfit and I am without a doubt the funniest little bird you will ever meet. I love to sing, dance and perform for any dog that is visiting us for Day Care/ home board and I provide many hours of fun and amusement for them to enjoy. I have no fear of my audience and truly enjoy to entertain.

Other help...
We work closely with a local animal behaviourist who comes highly recommended please ask for further details.